For the speakers

DATE: 9/29/2020

Join Zoom Meeting Room 1 

Meeting ID: 678 4154 7075
Password:  710392


Join Zoom Meeting Room 2 

Meeting ID: 971 7120 1240
Password: 123456

Note:The maximum capacity of the meeting room is 500 attendees. If you can not enter the Zoom meeting, pls click the following links to watch the meeting:

Room 1:

Room 2:

The health and safety of our conference attendees is always of primary importance, and especially so in this current environment. UP 2020 Committee, after assessing health and travel advisories related to COVID-19, have decided to present this year's conference during 16-19 November (UTC+08:00), but in an all-virtual, web conference format.

We will use Zoom meeting for online conference. The zoom link will be sent to your registration email address on November 13.

  • Prerecording Your Presentation in Zoom is recommended for the attendees from outside of China. 
  • If you prefer to give the online talk according to the conference program, we will arrange the test in Zoom meeting.
  • UP 2020 Live Talk Test Room
  • Date: Nov. 9-11
  • Time: 8:30 am-17:00 pm (Beijing time zone)
  • We will use Zoom Meeting during the conference. Please download, install Zoom in your computer.
  • Room ID: 678 4154 7075
  • Password: 710392

For more information about presentation recording and formatting, upload instructions, presider guidelines and other items that you will need to read before attending the virtual UP 2020 Conference, please visit the Instructions for speakers.

Tips for recording the presentations in Zoom:

  • The length of recordings:

          Invited Presentation: 30 minutes

          Oral Presentation:15 minutes 

          Poster Presentation: 40 seconds

  • Pls download the Poster Template and record the presentation with the Poster in the screen with a 40-second general introduction.
  • The conference organizer will edit the recorded poster presentations to a combined video. The  poster session presider will display the combined video during the poster session. 
  • Every poster presenter is then setting up his own private zoom connection (40 minute duration), and then they send the link to UP2020 Secretary( who will post the links in the website, anyone who wants to join a certain poster can find it and connects to it for further discussion. The deadline for sending the zoom link for poster discussion is November 13.

Please clink the links below to upload your recordings, you may change language on the up right corner:

For Monday's  presentations

For Tuesday's presentations 

For Wednesday's presentations 

For Thursday's presentations 

Conference Date:

New Date for UP 2020

November 16-19, 2020

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline:

Jan. 31, 2020

July 31, 2020

Postdeadline Submission Deadline:

Oct. 30, 2020