UP 2020 - Submission

DATE: 5/9/2019

A number of contributed papers covering original, unpublished work on the conference topics will be accepted for presentation. Registration is open to all members of the scientific and technical community. 

The deadline to submit has extended to May 31, 2020.

Authors will be notified whether their papers have been accepted on 30 June 2020. The notification will go to the email address as given during the electronic submission.

35-word Abstract: Your abstract should be a brief summary of your paper topic. If your paper is accepted, your 35-word abstract will be included in the Conference Program

3-page Summary: All contributed authors are required to submit a final summary of their work for publication in the Technical Digest, via OSA Publishing's Digital Library. Style guides are provided in a variety of different formats to support authors’ needs. All PDF submissions MUST contain the following items in order to be published:

  1. Complete title
  2. Complete listing of all authors and their affiliations
  3. Self-contained abstract, limited to 35-words (indexers such as Google Scholar will not index papers that do not contain abstracts)
  4. Appropriate copyright statement following the abstract. By default, the copyright statement will appear as 2019 The Author(s). If needed, the default statement can be suppressed by use of the {abstract*} environment.
  5. Permission and attribution for any trademarked or copyright images. Note that images of people or images owned or trademarked by other entities (including, for example, well-known logos or cartoon characters) will also require official written permission.

Style Guide

Style guides are provided in a variety of different formats to support authors’ needs. Style guides are the same for all OSA managed meetings. Be sure to confirm page count and paper size requirements for the meeting to which you are submitting.

Poster Preparation

Poster sessions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for selected papers to be presented in greater visual detail. Presenters should display paper titles, lists of authors and author affiliations on their posters. Authors must remain in the vicinity of their bulletin boards for the duration of the session (60–90 minutes) to answer questions. Poster presenters are responsible to remove their poster, and the conference staff will not collect the posters left at the end of the poster session.

Bulletin board size: 0.95 m (width) * 2.47 m (height), recommended poster size: 0.8 m (width) * 1.2 m (height).


Hotel Reservation

Conference Date:

New Date for UP 2020

November 15-20, 2020

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline:

Jan. 31, 2020

May 31, 2020

Early Bird Registration Deadline:

Jun. 19, 2020

Oct. 15, 2020